Excel... stopped calculating automatically

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Hi! What could possibly be the problem? I made my own budget file with charts and itworked well for months. Now, all of a sudden... I have to reselect somme all the time to see the result of my column... same happens when I use a formula without chart. Any clue guys?



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On the Formulas tab of the ribbon, make sure that Calculation Options is set to Automatic.


And check whether you see Circular References in the status bar. Circular references prevent Excel from recalculating in many situations.


Ok, now I found it in the formula tab. Still trying to set it to automatic... at least now I know where to clic to have calculations done... Thanks so much friend!!

@Hans Vogelaar 

Hi Hans.  

I have recently found that my Excel version has started to default to Calculation Manual, which is a pain given that is a setting I have never used.  I would rather switch to compiled code than use the Manual setting.   Do you know how to reset the default?  Is the setting picked up from a template file?  Changing the setting in Options is good for the rest of the session but not beyond.

@Peter Bartholomew 

Unless its a bug introduced in the latest version of Microsoft 365, I would indeed suspect a template or add-in.

How is Calculation Options set if you start Excel in Safe Mode by holding down Ctrl?