Excel Sheet not scrolling

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Excel sheet not scrolling with mouse.

- scroll lock off;

- ScrollArea empty

- panels unfreezed.

- rows and columns unhided.


It scrolls when I use the scrolls bars and the arrow keys with scroll lock on, but with the mouse it doesnt.

It is happening only in one sheet of the workbook.


- Office 365 version 2211

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go to View - Freeze Window - Unfreeze.
That should fix the problem.

@NikolinoDE its already unfreezed.


In version 2202 works well. Maybe a bug?


If this is what you mention then I would start all over again.

Perform Windows and Office update in advance, restart and follow behavior.
if not fixed...
Run Office repair, restart and track behavior.
if not fixed...
Start Office in Safe Mode and deactivate all AddIns, restart and follow the behavior.


Additional link:
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As you have suggested it may be a buck...I have no information on whether or not it actually is, so I recommend the above.