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To commemorate American Independence Day, I hereby share my Excel file with searchable lists of the popular American Names for those born from 1919 to 2018. Delve into it and please apprise me of your thoughts thereon.

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@Twifoo thanks for the reply - had a quick look at the file and it works well enough for what you've built - I'll have a look at the formula in detail but it doesn't completely answer the question I had - happily a little more Googling has led me to the answer - I need to transpose the searchable list results horizontally and then use that result in each row I wanted it for (again thanks to the xelplus site for the answer!!)

This looks great thanks. From what I can see, the data validation formula would need to be changed for each cell making this a bit time consuming for bigger sheets needing lots of choices - but I can see this being very useful for some purposes.

the data validation formulae in F2 and F3 were
* =IF((F1<>"")*(F2="")*(F3=""),StdMales,IF((F1<>"")*(F2<>"")*(F3=""),FtdMales,""))
apologies - the data validation formula automatically updates as it goes down a column --- but the cells no longer function further down the column. some nice work though!