Excel Reference Cell using If Then Statements

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I wanted to use a If Then statement for a column of individual cells. I wanted the cell reference to say, if Cell # = 1, then ea, if Cell # =2, then box. I wanted this for each individual cell for the column I am working on. So when I enter one of those numbers in one of the individual cells in the column, I would get the desired outcome of ea or box. This is the formula I am using, =IF(E5=1,"ea",IF(E5=2,"box",IF(E5=3,"case"))),  however when I use it for the next cell, it gives me a circular reference error. I wanted to use the same formula for each individual cell to reference the words ea or box.

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In which cell is your initial formula (F5?) and what is the next cell you copy it to (next down, next right,..)?


Even better if you provide small sample file with circular references