Excel Range of Updating Cells From 1 Sheet to Another Sheet

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Hello, all

I am rather new to Excel & am needing some help on what might seem pretty basic to the rest of you with more experience. So thank you in advance for the help & the patience in my lack of understanding how things work

I am wanting to push the content of a range of cells on 1 sheet appear on another sheet in a way where it will auto update any changes made to the original source

So instead of having to copy & paste the content from a range of cells from Sheet A to Sheet B I can make an *exact instance* of this range from Sheet A appear on Sheet B. That is to say, if I edit the content in the original sheet's range (Sheet A) then the content will also update in the range that is on the other sheet (Sheet B) without having to manually jump to each sheet & edit them both manually

If I copy & paste an item, even though the content appears on both sheets, it will not update so this is not really a viable option

What I have been trying to do is use *=* in a cell in Sheet B, jump to Sheet A & select 3 cells for example, & press enter. I was expecting the range of 3 cells to now appear on Sheet B but I only get the 1st cell (not all 3)

Does this feature not exist or am I doing something wrong?

If it helps/ matters I am using Office Home & Student 2019

Thank you for all the help. Just a reminder that I am new to Excel so please remember I might not understand all terms used so if you could explain things a little more that would be helpful

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Select the entire source range.

Copy it by clicking the Copy button on the Home tab of the ribbon or by pressing Ctrl+C.

Activate the target sheet, and select the top left cell of the target range.

Click the lower half of the Paste button on the Home tab of the ribbon.

Click 'Paste Link'.




Excel will paste a link formula for each of the cells in the source range.

Thank you so much. This is very helpful

By chance are you aware if there is a hotkey that would allow me to paste with the paste link option vs having to click paste the the option?

IE As you listed above there was the option to use Ctl C for the copy & traditionally the paste option has Ctl V. Is there a hotkey to paste the links vs using the mouse?

Either way still nice & thank you so much


Excel doesn't have a "short" shortcut for Paste Link, but you can use Alt+H V N

Thank you so much. This is also helpful & nice to know I am not missing a step

I found one combo that is 1 step shorter (2 vs 3 clicks) being Ctl + Alt + V L
Thank you for all the help. I really appreciate it
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Another couple of options

Ctrl+Alt+V (which pops up Paste Special window) and her character associated with menu item. In this case Ctrl+Alt+V+L


Ctrl+V, Ctrl (Paste Special icons will appear), arrow Down, Down, Down, Right, Enter 

I am new to this community

Am I supposed to post when something is resolved & if so how do I do so?
Or do I just leave it open & let time take care of the rest?
Thank you so much. Very helpful

Happen to stumble upon the info as you posted. Nice having all these options