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I'm a very basic Excel user and I'm trying to set up a way to use it to create a costing/quoting sheet for myself. Basically I need the text in A1 to enter a price into B1, from a second worksheet (I think). I want a set of codes with numerical values attached to them from which I can then enter those codes and it automatically assigns the numerical value to it in the next cell. 

So if I type BH50 into A1 I would like that to enter £200 into B1. A different text would need a different price, so BH60 (into e.g. A2) would enter £350 (into B2). But if I then changed A2 to BH50 then B2 should become £200. 


Am I using the wrong programme for this and if not, is it possible? 


Thank you! 

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You can set up a reference table and then apply this formula to look up the numerical value. If the code isn't found in the reference table an empty cell is returned by IFERROR.

code and numerical value.JPG