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Hello, i have a question regarding excel function. 

I have around 8 text in chinese characters and my goal is to find the most used Verbs in those texts. 

I looked through the texts and made a list of the verbs. but making the exact number and summary of most used one without any function is quite hard :) 

So my idea is to do a chart in excel and use some function, for example COUNTIF to help me find the repetition. but it is not sufficient enough, because i would need to write the function for every character separetelly. Is there something little more usefull - maybe a function that would take the whole excel sheet, make the number of repeating verbs (in my case chinese characters) and maybe even mark them out? 


anyway ::)) thank you and happy new year

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Just questions I regret.  Do you wish to search for verbs within long strings of characters or within cells?  Are the 'verbs' single Chinese characters or strings?  Do you use Excel 365 or an older version?