excel problem-can not print vertical grid lines on worksheet (horizontal print OK)

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can not print grid lines on worksheet --but horizontal grid lines appear OK

Windows 10

version 21H1

installed 31/10/20

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I assume the vertical gridlines are visible on the sheet? What happens if you try a different printer, like Microsoft Print to PDF? Do the lines appear in the pdf?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

just tried what you suggested ie print to MS PDF

result still the same --prints every thing OK except only shows horizontal but not vertical grid lines

Can you attach your file here? Make sure you delete all other worksheets and replace all contents with nonsense.
seems to be working now--I was creating a format for making 9X9 square of cells.(to solve soduko puzzles)--to more easily identfy the numbers entered I split the 81 cells into 9X9 squares by entering 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines --since then all the grid lines are showing
Sorry for the delay in replying_ + I am not sure how to send my file to you
Ron Smith
If you click "Reply" and immediately after that "Open full text editor", you get a different editing experience, which allows file uploads.
apologies Jan for delays and showing my ignorance--my problem re not printing grid lines is back
however have recently installed new printer but it seems I have run out of ink-have just signed up to HP instant ink supplies but informed will be around 10 days delivery
Probably better if I stop bothering you for the present
regards Ron Smith