Excel Print Preview not matching the actual printed document

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Hey there,

My Excel print preview and printer seem to be out of sync.

I keep my excel worksheets in "Page Layout" mode when I work, I find it best when I plan to print the document in the end. In the last 2 weeks, none of the documents I've printed are coming out the way they appear on the workbook.

I have a workbook that should be 23 pages but it prints 26 instead. The rows are extending over into other pages.

Please help!!

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One your data is in the Page Layout mode:
1. Click on the Page Layout tab
2. Select Margins drop-down and choose Custom Margins
3. Check the Center on page Horizontally and click OK
4. Select Landscape from the Orientation drop-down
5. Adjust the Scale percentage to around 70-80%.

Your data should be fine...

Ensure you select the connected printer

Thanks, but I've done all that already. I always use custom margins because I have headers and footers. My pages are centred horizontally and vertically at all time. And the page is set to automatically fit all columns onto one page.

I've tried changing ALL the standard page setup settings, and the printer settings.

I've also tried manually adjusting the columns to fit the way I need (this took over an hour).


Try to check printer driver as well - you print on your default printer; paper size in Excel is the same as default in printer driver; Microsoft Print to PDF driver works properly or not.

Thanks Sergei, but I've literally tried all the obvious and a series of not so obvious things. Nothing is working.


Perhaps you may share the file to check if replace any sensitive information with dummy values.

Give me a couple of days. Thanks


Sure. I can't promise we will find something, but at least will try.

@Sergei Baklan 


Hey, I've attached an excel spreadsheet example of what I was talking about, as well as 2 PDFs to explain further.

The "Print to PDF" document shows the correct layout

The "Save as PDF" document shows how it comes out of the printer - which is a complete mess (for me)


I'd appreciate any insight you can give.

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I played only with PDF files, if you uncheck this setting


it works correctly. Attached are two PDF:s, with and without scale setting.

You are my hero! Seriously!

Thanks a million.


Glad to help, you are welcome

@Sergei Baklan You legend! I have been having issues with printing to PDFs on two of nine PCs for months if not years. I was having to get other people in the office to print certain (not all) spreadsheets to PDF for me. This solved the issue for me. Thanks!

@ACutler , you are welcome, glad to help.

Thank you Sergei! This worked for me too.
You did a great job. This helps me a lot. Thank you:)

@Sergei Baklan Thanks sir, also worked for me