Excel pivot: Adding a summary percentage

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I am working with categorical data - think of a survey with ratings from 1 to 5. In addition to the counts and grand total, I need to be able to add a percentage to summarize the top two categories.


Example (trying to add the %):

 PoorFairNeutralGoodExcellentTotal %Top 2
Jan3334417 47%
Feb1144515 60%
Mar  26917 88%
Apr1226516 69%
Total5611202365 66%


My true data includes several nested groupings in the rows, so it would make things much easier if I could add this into the pivot table rather than just having a manual calculation off to the right. That would accommodate new groupings that might appear or expanding/collapsing sub-grouping automatically.


I could easily add a column in my raw data to identify if the rating was in the top categories (1) or not (0). However, I am still unsure how to add it without having it nest within the rating categories. Ideas?


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With the AGGREGATE() or the LARGE() function you can display the two top values and sum them up. Then just divide by the sum and make it a percentage.
See also the enclosed document.





It's not a pivot table. I hope you like it anyway.

The LAGRGE() function leads to the same result.