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I keep all of my passwords on an Excel Spreadsheet and I installed Excel on my iPhone.  This is really

handy when traveling,  However, on my last trip when I tried to open Excel, it asked for my MS password.  Of course it was on my spreadsheet so I couldn't access it.  How do I turn this off for next time?

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I'm not sure you can turn it off, not permanently. It's a security feature--asking for passwords every once in a while. I was asked for mine today when logging into Excel on a laptop I'd not used for a week or two. Now, I happen to remember my Microsoft user password because I created it under certain circumstances that led to a memorable phrase.....


But I want to ask why you're storing passwords in Excel in the first place. Why not avail yourself of something like 1Password, which, too, will periodically ask you for the master password to access its store of passwords, but also--on the phone version as well as your lap/desk top--will help you very quickly open all those other apps and websites that require passwords. So you only need to remember that single password. And it--1Password is far more secure than your Excel.