Excel password protected - how to unprotect

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When I open excel - it tells me that it's password protected though I have tried using online suggestions to unprotect this.  It says" >>> Is reserved by... enter password for write access, or open read only" I enter the password and have tried to unprotect by going into file/info/protect workbook. Here I have tried: Encrypt with password - I have deleted the password in here. I have "protect current sheet" the box that pops up says "unprotect sheet", I have put in my password to unprotect the sheet. (each step I try, I save it and close it and open again to see if it is still asking me for my password). I have gone to the tab and right clicked and clicked on Protect sheet, each time a box pops up called unprotect sheet and I enter the password - this also does not change the fact that I still need a password when I open this doc. I need this to be accessible. What can I try?

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Go to File, Save As, click the "More options" link. A browser-like dialog appears. Click the Tools dropdown to the left of the Save button and choose "General Options". In the next window, remove all passwords. Click OK, Click Save, click Yes to replace.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Thank you for responding. I tried this and all online suggestions. eventually i just did a save as and renamed it - this solved the issue. It was stuck on this password and would not remove it no matter what. It must have been corrupted.

The save as is the solution for anyone experiencing this issue.

That is rather unexpected, perhaps you opened the file from a read-only location?