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Hi, I have a question I´m working  on excel and y need change a number value to letter.

But I don´t know how to do change on excel web

Thanks so much

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Can you provide some examples of the input and expected output?

@Hans Vogelaar yes of course thanks so much, por example I have a one number 10661.99 but i need change this number to lettler, I use this formula =@pesos(Number of celda cell)

but only i´ll can work in excel web from 365.


What would the output be for 10661.99 ?

My sum es =sum $3,846.24 + $6,815.75 my resut is 10661.99 and I need change this number for lettler my output is Ten thousand six hundred and sixty-one point nine nine
But in excel desktop my formula =@pesos(number of cell) is correct, but un excel web my formula don´t is recognized
thanks so much