Excel not working properly with currency and formulas

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I have the latest version of Excel on my 2021 macbook pro (16.70), first of all the currency is not set to $US dollars even if I downloaded Excel from microsoft website and I am located in the US, additionally the comma (,) in the formulas in inverted with (;) this means that all my formulas have to be with this (;), the biggest issue I have is that some complex financial formulas aren't working properly and even some simpler ones sometimes, this really annoys as after trying the open the same file on my friend's macbook everything works fine. I already tried to unistall it, try with a older version but nothing has solv

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First, check your regional settings and make sure that the decimal separator is set to dot (point), and the list separator is set to comma. Here is what it looks like on my PC:


If the decimal separator and list separator are already set that way, check File > Options > Advanced.

Under Editing options, make sure that the check box 'Use system separators' is ticked.