Excel marco has been blocked when I'm using the excel in Onedrive!!

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Dear all, 


Please help me as my excel file can not run the macro when I open it through Onedrive.


If I download it into my computer, I can run the macro but when I pput it again to Onedrive, It doesn't work.3.png1.png2.png

I did modify the marco security but it did not work.

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Try adding the trust location here and see what's going to happen.

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Thanks for your help, I did it but it did not work with me.


That's weird. Cause from what I've heard, it's supposed to be fixed by adding the onedrive path to trusted location. According to the articles below:

Office will 1st check the file whether it in the trusted location or not, then decided to proceed the procedure or just full green.


I suggest you manually remove the MotW (Mark of the Web) just for a test.


If it runs normally, then it must be some mistake about your Trusted Location or Trusted Centre. Please double check them. If the issue stills, perhaps you need to check the Office program file integrity because it should be fine by design.