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When using Excel map charts for the Central African Republic, Excel does not recognize all areas (even if it knows the area. Accordingly, Haut-Mbomou is marked as an area but on the map, no data are visible (See attached the grey area). Does anyone know how o solve this problem?




Thanks a lot for your help.

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Try to play with spelling, wording and column names, tools is quite sensitive to above. Plus usually it's better to use text data.



Thanks for the quick reply. I have already tried and tried again, but the data for Haut-Mbomou is still not visualised. Is there any way to add this data analogously? 


It's not shown for me if only I use Data Type instead of plain text


Both variants are in attached.


Just in case, you may format it as


Oh wow, thanks a lot for your help!

@LeoA1875 , you are welcome