Excel list Autofill Workdays uses wrong weekend days

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I'm trying to keep track of hours per day in Excel. I want one column to fill with the dates of workdays. I found the Auto Fill function that automatically fills the days and it can also fill only workdays/weekdays, excluding the weekend. But somehow it thinks the weekend is on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Where is it getting that info? How do I fix it?


Using Office365 on a Mac, everything up to date.

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Most probably default weekends are taken from OS regional settings, please check your current locale

That's what I thought and my mac is taking the time from the time server, so that couldn't be wrong. Anyway, I'd been working at the hospital and just got home and took another look and it seems to have corrected itself. I must have been terribly crosseyed. I've checked everything a million times, it cost me hours.

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