Excel layout changed and I can't reset it to default configuration

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Hi all!


I really need help with this, it's driving me mad. I tried to reach MS phone or chat support, but it's easier to win the lottery.


Fortunately I may have you help to solve this.


I've office 2016, and yesterday that my Excel layout changed (I don't know why, or if I did it, how), but since then I tried to come back to original layout, with no luck.

I tried through options, I've deleted the registry to excel, anything, but the problem remains.

I'll leave two images attached. First the original configuration (which is still the same I have in Word and Powerpoint!!) and the one I have now in Excel.


Hope you can help me, and thank you for your time.

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Thank you, it definitely helped, however it doesn't solve the problem completely, it's still different from all other office tools I've installed.
But it's definitely better, thanks.


My only concern is that I'm not solving anything, just masking it.


Is there a way of solving it completely?