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Hello everyone, 


Hopefully someone might have an answer for my situation. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome. 


I work as a designer for a company that produces document books within a variety of languages, including english, french, greek, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew. Currently, I use a variety of programs and files to create translation documents for each other the languages. What I am trying to do is create one Excel document with all of my languages and translations and export that as a CSV to import into Indesign with Data Merge. My current problem is that I can't seem to change between writing styles for different languages, such as from left-to-right typing to right-to-left typing. Any advice or potentially an easier way to do what I am trying to do is appreciated. Thank you.

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I also have problems with this. My cylillic turns into ????????. Please assist


Did you install the language in File->Options->Language ?