Excel issue while opening excel sheets manually or with AutoIT

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There's an excel issue we are facing while opening excel sheets manually.
Also with AutoIT, when the script is fetching data from excel sheets, we face more issues with excel. With that reason the script is exiting with the failed test case report.

Attaching screenshots below for the reference.








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I expect you are not able to share one or two of the files which cause this issue?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Actually while running automation scripts, we fetch some data from Excel. But when the script is trying to open excel for fetching data, we gets this error popup. We manually have to open excel in safe mode then and once after that, we are able to successfully fetch the data from excel with the Automation script.


This doesn't occurs every time but sometimes we face it in random fashion so not able to debug the root cause of this error.

@AParekh20 Well, if you come across a file that repeatedly fails to open this way but does open in safe mode, please consider letting me know because I'd love to investigate.

@Jan Karel Pieterse,
It doesn't fails everytime. But this popup occurs randomly at any point of time when a script is trying to fetch some data from the file through AutoIT.