Excel is crashing during showing "Loading Data model" on starting

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I got a file with a flat data table. I have built a dashboard based on pivot tables & charts. For some reason with the recent addition of some data fields, upon opening the XLSX it shows loading "Data Model".

I am trying to find the root cause, but am not able to open XLSX as it crashes continuously. 

Protect view is able to open the sheet, but when i enable the edit mode, it just crashes.

Any solution to find the issue and fix the crash issue?

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Did you found solution ?
Nope. It's working fine with online version. So that's my workaround. It seems MS Excel 365 has bug which is crashing the desktop application.

Yep, it doesn't even crashes, excel just turns off. I already tried disabling all ADD-ins, but still no results. 

There was one thing which helped. I restored the excel file 3 days back and it worked fine, but here is the catch. I uploaded that file back to sharepoint and still the same problem happened. The only way for now to use it is Online version

As you said, I think it's a bug

I have this exact same problem.  Any fix yet?  I found I can upload the file to msteams download then open fine.  But if I upload to msteam, then open and use the file then download, then try to open it force closes while loading the data model @eligaliokas any ideas anyone how to fix this? Or what could be wrong?  This happened after adding additional columns to a table. And adding charts to a dashboard.

@GGGG670 I cannot figure out why it is crashing as there is no error, no message nor any indication of what is causing a crash. I am not stuck as it is working fine when I open it online as the file is placed in One Drive. I am trying to fix data models, pivot tables and whatnot to check what can fix the crash. So far no luck. 

The problem as far as I know is still not fixed mate
Till this day I haven't found solution. It's just a bug

@eligaliokas Thanks for that.  Maybe rebuilding the workbook from scratch? And transferring data (big sigh). 

I haven't tried that (lazy), but you can do that and let us know if it fixed the problem

@athalekar I've been having this problem also and over the last few days have tried various remedies mentioned here an elsewhere, and tried different orders or ways of doing things.  Here is what finally seems to work for me:


  • Open Excel in safe mode.  I do this by going to the Run command and entering "excel /safe"
  • Once in safe mode of Excel, open my file from my PC
  • From the Data Menu at the top, click on Queries and Connections.  This will open the Queries and Connections window, but also loads the Data Model.  (this seems to be the key step, or key order.  If I just try to refresh a pivot table that is connected to the data model before doing this step, the data model fails to load)
  • With the Queries and Connections window still open, I now right-click one of my PowerPivot tables, and down at the status at the bottom, I know it's successful when I start seeing "Working..." followed by "Retrieving data...."  It does not do the "Loading Data Model..." step because it already successfully did that when opening the Queries and Connections.

So, anyhow.....not sure if this works for everyone, but it was the only way I could successfully refresh my file after many crashes/closes and lots of trial and error.