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How can I put data into another sheet if 1 column equals another? For example I have Sheet1 I am trying to copy to Sheet3 in column K or P if Sheet1 column equals "unknown" or "known".  It also should be in order of 1st "unknown" 2nd "unknown" 1st "known" 3rd "unknown". I can reorganize Sheet3 if necessary but Sheet1 is set and cannot be fiddled with. Please let me know if I need  to clarify as it has been a bit confusing to others when I was asking. Screenshot 2024-03-21 092220.jpgScreenshot 2024-03-21 092311.jpg

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Can you provide screenshots with some examples, or a sample workbook without sensitive data?

If you cannot attach them here, upload them to for example Onedrive, share them and post a link.

@Hans Vogelaar Sample would be replaced by the FRxxxxLBxxxx number


Thanks for the screenshots. I'm afraid I do not understand yet what you want. Can you explain as clearly as you can?

For example I would like to have the same information from Sheet1 cell C15, which is the first "unknown" denoted in Sheet1 Column B transposed into the 3rd Sheet "Sample Template Organization" in cell K10 the first "unknown" in that sheet


Sorry, I don't get it. Perhaps someone else understands...

No worries, until I can figure it out I will be manually inputting them. Thank you for trying. :D