Excel if have problem.

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Hi everyone, please help me, I don't know why my if so weird, for example I type:

Cat     =IF(A3>="Cat",1, IF(A3>="Dog",2, IF(A3>="Bird",3,4)))

Dog    =IF(A4>="Cat",1, IF(A4>="Dog",2, IF(A4>="Bird",3,4)))

Bird     =IF(A5>="Cat",1, IF(A5>="Dog",2, IF(A5>="Bird",3,4)))

But when I enter, it shows me like this:

Cat     1

Dog    1

Bird     3

So, what is this happening, if anyone knows what problem is, please tell me how to fix it, I'm here to thank you in advance.

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Because you are comparing strings. What excel is doing is sorting the strings like this:
1 Bird
2 Cat
3 Dog

So, in the second if, is comparing Dog > Cat that would be 3 > 2 that is True , so is returning 1.
Sorry, forgot to explain that is sorting the strings in alphabetic order.
Ok, so how do I use if to type like this:
Cat 1
Dog 2
Bird 3

@Y2135 I'm not sure how to do it with if function... What about using a vlookup?
Attached is an example.

Your formula is correct only thing there is no need to add < or > as it requires only in Number as text does not have any value.  So simply apply the same formula without < or >.