Excel - How to remove "Search the menus" in right-click menu options

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Hello all,


Just today I noticed when I right-clicked in an open Excel tab, the top-most option (normally "Cut") has been replaced by a search bar with "Search the menus" appearing in it automatically. I've looked all over Excel's options & searched across several forums but couldn't find anything about it. This is really throwing off years of muscle-memory & I'd like to remove/disable it or at the very least move it to the bottom where it won't be such an annoyance. Please let me know if this is possible, Thanks!

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Glad to see im not the only person that finds this annoying......


also looking for a way to edit or delete the 'Serarch the menus' option.

You are not the only two persons. @Grant_King @Andrew_Edgar



I can't tell you how many times I'm hit that stupid search field in the last few days! right-click is my best friend and now it SUCKS. google suggests there are ways to tweak the menu by going through VBA but I haven't had time to work through to prove it yet. 

@SoUncreativeTotally! I read that too, but I feel like I shouldn't have to use VBA or friggin' edits to the Registry when a simply check-box to "turn off search feature" should just be there automatically...

an add-in called MenuRighter may be an easier way

@Grant_King I am also wanting to know how to remove this feature as everyone in our office finds this annoying and it slows down our progress. Microsoft where are you?