Excel how to calculate a date with different criteria

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Can someone assist with another query please. 


I have start date and i want to add a deadline date for it looking at text as a driver for the date.  As follows:


A3 is the start date and in B3 i want to put a due date - this needs to look at text in another column so it the column says Major overdue or Major Project it needs to have a deadline of 25 days from the start date and if the texts says Delay overdue or delay project i need the deadline date to be 25 days from the start date.  Hope this makes sense and thanks for any assistance



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Apologies Major needs to be 30days and delay 25days!






I suggest using this formula:


Due Date.png


If you want the 30 or 25 days to be only working days (excluding the weekends), please check out this formula:


Due Date 2.png


Hope that helps