Excel freezes when formatting cells

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When I try to format a cell in Excel - bolding, underlining, switching font size - the program freezes and I need to re-start.  Is a new issue from last 2 days having worked without problems previously.


I've tried program repair, updates and re-installing Office and running in safe mode.  No luck.  Any suggestions for how I solve?


Many thanks!


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Unfortunately, I can't help you there. The only thing I have to offer is an old ticket through office 2016 with roughly the same problem. Take a look, maybe this will help you.


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This may sound ridiculously simple, but try to change your default printer to PDF. I have suffered from the same problem and this helped instantly.

@Emiru   Thank you. Thank you.  I just had the same problem for the past 8 hours.  I went in to set my default printer.  I did not have one set.  I had powered down my printer the night before.  I set the default printer to the pdf option.  It worked.    Thanks, again. 

@Emiru Brilliant. Have been having this problem for a while (may be because I am still using Windows 7). I Changed the PDF printer to default and all is now fine. Many thanks!

can't imagine how on earth you ever figured this out, but i'm glad you did, worked perfectly, thanks!

@charlie1volley Very strange, but that does appear to work.  I just changed my default printer to Microsoft PDF and the format cells no longer pauses/hangs Excel for 40-60 seconds.  Great workaround, now let's see if the good folks at Microsoft can fix that one