Excel freezes and crashes when editing formula

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Hello all,


Excel keeps crashing when I'm in the depicted situation: I've clicked on a formula and I am trying to edit it. It will typically be a complex formula. It often crashes right as I'm clicking on an argument or a reference. As you can see in the screenshot, a sort of "alt text" shows up when I'm hovering over a reference - could it be that this is causing the crashing? My formulas sometimes reference ranges with thousands of cells. Could someone tell me how to turn off this "array preview alt text"?


I am using Microsoft Excel for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2401 Build 16.0.17231.20194) 32-bit. (I do not have access to 64-bit MS Excel). Thanks for all help!


Excel crashing.png


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I haven't seen this cause crashes before. Perhaps you should convert your source range of this formula to a table, then there is no need to have the SUMIFS point to entire columns.