Excel Freeze Panes error permanently freezes part of sheet even when unfrozen.

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I've seen this issue before and never knew how to fix it. Normally I would just copy whatever I need into a new sheet and scrap it, but this table is linked to a PowerApps form I'm working on, and I'm worried it'll screw everything up if I relocate the table. The duplicate row 1 in the picture below is always there no matter where I am in the sheet even though there is no active freeze being applied to the sheet. This error has happened when changing the freeze settings, but I'm not sure what other factors cause it. 


Does anyone have a fix for this? I couldn't find any other posts about this issue. Thanks a lot!



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I actually figured out a solution. If you open a new window, then close the first one, the problem disappears. Still don't know what causes it, though...
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@tjryan35 Looks like you accidentally activated "Split screen" in stead of "Freeze Panes". It just creates two or more viewing areas of the shame sheet. So you could create a view like this (just an example):


Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 06.38.57.png


Press "Split" again to switch it off.




Yep, you nailed it. I've done splits before, but I didn't recognize it on just the top row like that. That's happened to me inadvertently before when using freeze panes in a macro. Now I know how to easily fix it. Thank you!!