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Hey everyone.


I have daily data which excludes weekend and public holidays. When i want to do an annual percentage change calculation, one of the dates could possibly be weekend or public holiday date so there won't be any data. It returns an error. I want to be able to have an excel formula that if the current and last year date have a number, the percentage change calculation should normally happen. If not the last date with the data should be used as the substitute date. For example, if the last year date is a Saturday and there was data on Friday then the Friday data should be used.


I hope i can get guidance on what to use formula wise.

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Please show us what your data look like, with row numbers and column letters.

@Hans Vogelaar, Here's my data. The missing date were either public holidays or weekends


Let's say you have a range named Holidays that lists public holidays.

And let's say you want to compare Net Asset Value (column C) with the previous year.

For row 2, the previous year's value is


INDEX($C$2:$C$5000, XMATCH(1, ($B$2:$B$5000=$B2)*($L$2:$L$5000=WORKDAY(EDATE($L2, -12)+1, -1, Holidays))))


So the increase/decrease is


=C2/INDEX($C$2:$C$5000, XMATCH(1, ($B$2:$B$5000=$B2)*($L$2:$L$5000=WORKDAY(EDATE($L2, -12)+1, -1, Holidays))))-1

So do you advice that I have a separate sheet which includes public holidays and weekends?

Afterwards, I use the formula you’ve mentioned?

Could you show your ideal data structure with the calculations you’ve made?


You don't have to list weekend days - the WORKDAY formula will take care of that. If your weekend days are not Saturday/Sunday, you can use WORKDAY.INTL.

The range that lists public holidays can be on the same sheet as the data or on another sheet, whichever is more convenient to you. After entering the holidays, select the range, then click in the name/address box on the left hand side of the formula bar, type Holidays and press Enter.


The formula that I posted can be used in a cell in row 2, then filled down.