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I have been using excel to keep track of my spendings and savings for a few years and keep changing things or adding things to make it easier and better to use. My latest add-on is a bronze, silver and gold on how much I have saved per month (bronze-£600, silver-£700, gold-£850)

now I have the formula set up for these in separate  chart so it’ll say goal achieves in each if I hit that amount. But I’m now wanting a main chart that shows which I had hit, so January bronze, February Silver and so on. My problem being is I cannot figure out the formula.


I need a formula that will give multiple answers, I tried using if but that only gives me two outcomes (true or false) but I need four outcomes (not achieved, bronze, silver and gold) 


are you able to help?

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=IF(A2>=850,"gold",IF(A2>=700,"silver",IF(A2>=600,"bronze",IF(A2<600,"not achieved"))))

You can try a nested IF formula.

nested IF.JPG