Excel Formula to make a payout table

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I have to make a formula that takes the total number of entries in Column A, multiplies that by ten, and then divides the sum of it in half, then takes half of that sum and divides it again by a percentage across 5 rows.  (25% of total sum of A in B, 12.5% in C, 6.25% in D, 5% in E, 2.5% in F). I hope this makes sense if not I can try to explain in more detail. I know nothing about Excel and how to do this and I really need help and don't want to have to sit and calculate each of these individually. Please, please, help me!!!

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It's not A formula (single formula), but two, since there are two different kinds of calculations there. (And I corrected your set of percentages so they add up to 50% as well)


The attached spreadsheet does it. You can change the numbers in column A, or extend it that list, and the formulas will accommodate those changes.