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Hi there

I was a windows user and i am using mac now. In excel there are some problems i have.


1. How to use "ALT" key in mac. I was using quick access toolbar shortcut like ALT+1, +2, +3 to paste values, formulas, add filters, clear all etc. there was many useful shortcut that i use with ALT key, but i cannot use them anymore. And i was using ALT key to reach ribbon user interface faster. For example ALT + W + F + F if i am not wrong to freeze panels, or ALT + A + L + B to change grouping side to from below to above etc. For a while i don't use them so they can be wrong but i told what my problem is. How can i use ALT key in excel like in microsoft.


2. in mac there is not arrow in the right bottom of ribbon groups that we arrange detailed options for groups. Now i cannot change group side from bottom to top. Instead of bottom side, i wish to change it top that group sign from the 4th row to 1st row.


3. While i was using excel on microsoft, i exported a customization file for my quick access toolbar and ribbon settings with the extension "exportedui" but there is not any option to import it on mac. Is there any way to use it on mac?


How i can i reach that options that is in the right bottom of the groups and how can i use ALT key for shortcuts?


And can you give me any trick or info about problems because of using excel on mac in advance.



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Here are some suggestions that might help:

  1. On a Mac, you can use the “Option” key instead of the “Alt” key to access some of the same shortcuts. For example, instead of using “Alt + W + F + F” to freeze panels, you can try using “Option + W + F + F”. However, not all shortcuts that work on Windows will work on a Mac.
  2. To change the grouping side from bottom to top in Excel for Mac, you can right-click on the ribbon and select “Customize the Ribbon”. From there, you can change the order of the groups.
  3. Unfortunately, it is not possible to import a customization file for the Quick Access Toolbar and ribbon settings from Windows to Mac. You will need to manually customize these settings on your Mac.


I hope these suggestions help!


*I'm not a Mac user, I've researched everything from the internet :).



Thanks for your help.


1. Control, option, command, shift i tried all combinations but on Mac it doesn't show shortcut letters on groups and it doesn't work.


2. When i right click on ribbon or quick access toolbar anywhere, it doesn't show anything. I am right clicking on ribbon doesn't work as well.


3. Probably there is not import option on mac to use it but i wanted to ask it. Even if i arrange it manually again, it still looks i cannot use them effectively because ALT key on Windows doesn't work same as on Mac.


Those restrict me to use excel effectively. I am using excel 2021 on Mac. And even when i want to use get data option, it doesn't let me take data from another excel file. What absurd things these are !




@NikolinoDE  by the way i found how to change grouping order.
When i use an application, top tabs change according to this application. And these tabs include features for active application. And there is a Data tab here that hides the feature to arrange grouping order.





they hided that feature in it. But i still cannot use ALT key function like on Windows.


On a Mac, the “Alt” key is known as the “Option” key.

Here are some examples of shortcuts that use the “Option” key in Excel for Mac:

  • Option + Down Arrow: Open the selected drop-down list
  • Option + Return: Start a new line in the same cell
  • Option + F2: Edit the active cell
  • Option + F11: Open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications editor

Keep in mind that not all shortcuts that work on Windows will work on a Mac.

You may need to experiment to find which shortcuts work for you.


I hope this helps!

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Hi there. I researched it more detailed and I have learned that the shortcuts I am trying to use with ALT key in Windows are called as "Accelerator keys" and it is not available on Mac. There is a site that allows you to use them on Mac even if it doesn't include all features in that site.
However i found another way that allows Mac users to customize shortcuts as you want in the site below. I tried to use ALT+W+F+F for freeze panes to do it same like on Windows but you can only use 1 key after modifier keys. So i will assign a few shortcuts to solve the problem that slows me to use excel.