Excel for Mac - Lost my Personal Macro Workbook

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I'm new here and am comfortable using Excel, but I'm not an Excel wizard! Please use simple language and explain it like I'm 5  


I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to create and use macros. After a lot of online research, I realized I need to save my Macros into My Personal Macro Workbook however the option does not exist. When I use the Developer Tab and click Record Macro, there isn't an option to save into my Personal Macro Workbook. I see "All Open Workbooks," "This Workbook," "Workbook2."  I do not have the option to Unhide (under the View tab) either.  


My computer and Excel have gone through multiple updates lately, which I'm assuming has caused the issue. For reference, I'm using the Desktop version of Excel, not Excel online. 


Can someone help me find the Personal Macro Workbook or create a new one? For reference, I keep seeing instructions to navigate to "File --> Options --> Add-Ins --> Manage --> Disabled Items" but this is not an option on Mac. Please don't give me those instructions! 

Please help! Thank you!


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@emhorton To my knowledge, you must NOT save your macros in  the Personal Macro Workbook. I have actually never done that as I rarely write macros that I must use in multiple workbooks over and over again. But that's just my way of perhaps not using macros correctly.

Try navigating to this location on your Mac

Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 16.49.04.png

Do you find Personal.xlsb there?

I appreciate the response! I found the Library but cannot find a Containers folder within in. As mentioned before, I'm not a huge computer wiz.

I have also searched my hard drive for personal.xlsb and nothing pulls up.

@emhorton Difficult to help you without access to your Mac. But do you really need to the Personal workbook? What if you just record a macro in "This Workbook"?

@Riny_van_Eekelen I tried saving it in "All Open Workbooks" but then it's not accessible to other workbooks. Also I cannot copy and paste the data I need into the workbook because it's a very large amount of data. I need the Macro to be available across any workbook.

@emhorton Sorry! Can't help. Perhaps someone else here.

@emhorton I have the same problem. I think somehow I deleted it and now I no longer have a personal macros workbook. Cant find any help online with how to find it or even create a new one using a mac. Let me know if you have solved this! I'm desperate!

Try this location, I found mine here in my DT