Excel Error "No more new fonts may be applied. Please close some other documents and try again"

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Bother question Excel H&B 2019 : Alert " No more new fonts may be applied" every time edit cell. File size is not that big ( 7xx KB ) but have 16 sheet ( in sheet have many formula and link )
This problum can fix by which method?

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There has been an MSKB article about this, but has been unpublished since. So I guess the problem has been fixed in an update. First thing to do: update Office by running Windows update, including updates for other products.
Still no luck? It might help to disable autoscale for all of the charts ( Format > Selected Chart Area > Font)
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@Hans Le Roy 

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Thanks for the answer.

For MSKB article about "Error New font". I found and read but Link to Microsoft web is lost "not found page" ( found article in Office 2007 ).
Update : Windows and Office update to current complete.
I search in google found an article about this error, at takling autoscale in chart, but my excel file don't chart.
I try use excel in safe mode or use this excel file in other computer ( same windows10 and office H&B2019 ) but problum.
I uninstall Office, delete folder about Office, reboot and reinstall still found the same error
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@Methpong I have to say I am absolutely sick of this problem as well.

I have found that when I have 3 Excel documents open at any one time it happens.

Unfortunately because of my workload I always have at least 2 open & this is killing me!!

In the "old days" you used to be able to have multiple documents open without hassle, but now ..??

I am using an Apple MacBook Pro, which I recently updated it because I thought the problem might be because of insufficient RAM or storage. Guess what? It isn't !!  

The only thing I can do is to Force Quit on Excel & start again.

All Office & Apple system updates are up to date.

Is it possible that Microsoft could actually listen to their users, because I'm just about ready to throw them out & try another option...

Because so many people have had this problem over the past few years, I would think Microsoft would/should do something about it !!


Hi, FloJo21
     Till now the problem has not been solved as standard from Microsoft. Fortunately, all my problematic files There wasn't much data, so I fixed it by copying the data to a new file on every page and set formatting it again. after trial Haven't found the same problem yet (but it's a bad approach).

Thanks Methpong, I appreciate your quick response
Unfortunately it happens with most of my files, so recreating a few doesn't help (although I had done that with the files I use most often).
I just wish Microsoft would look into it as a lot of people seem to have been having this problem & it isn't going away..
Got the message popping for weeks and getting in the way of my productivity.
Try this:

File / Info / Check for Issues / Inspect Document

and fix the issues found.

Seems to be working for me.
Hope it helps.
Thanks for the info.
I'm using a Mac, so using your suggestion searched for "error issues" & it found quite a few, even though as far as I was concerned there was nothing wrong with them.
I said "ignore" to each & I'll see whether excel crashes again.
I appreciate your help