Excel error - margins do not fit page size.

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Hi. Can someone please help asap as I am totally stuck! Working on an excel spreadsheet and needed to print off a sheet. I get the error margins do not fit page size. Heaps of margins on the sheet and cannot move them on page break view. I have tried Print title on page layout > page set up>page>paper size. Drop down menu is showing all the different sizes of labels that I use on a label printer but no option for  letter size. Have been in settings>devices and the printer is showing as offline, its switched off now and disconnected. I am working on a deadline at the moment which is typical! I have tried re-starting and does not make any difference. I have tried also to copy and paste onto Word but still get the error that the margins are wrong. Thanks.

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@Sue_W915 These are my settings (in cm!), perhaps it works if you "copy" these?2021-07-28_15-52-36.png

@Jan Karel Pieterse hi. Thank you for this. I uninstalled my label printer which I thought might have been the culprit and now its all ok. I will need to look at why the printer caused this problem when I get time.

Thanks again for your suggestion.

Margins are printer-dependent, so you may have tried to print to the label printer with margins which applied to a different printer (or the other way around).
Yes I had used the printer, but use this regularly and have never had a problem. I have sorted this temporarily now. Many thanks.