Excel Embed iFrame call Refresh all Data Connections

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Hi all, I have a protected workbook, which is pretty simple in itself. However, when I upload it to my personal oneDrive and then view it, the data is only populated after you either select the dropdown on the 3rd tab, or you click on the "refresh all data connections" at the bottom of the iFrame. Is there some way to call this inside of the embed iFrame? It seems like this should be a pretty easy fix, yet I cannot seem to find one.


To see what I mean, please look here: https://huronperthcatholic.ca/covid-19/covid-19-ventilation-improvements/


Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have a similar problem. 

Have you ever found an answer for this? 


The problem I am having: 


I put an embed in an html page. 

First it worked completely find and as expected. 

But after 1 week it is now not showing column headers properly. 


See below: 



As you can see the headers are not visible. 
UNTIL --> I press this:

"Refresh Data Connections"

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 16.53.25.png


How it should look(after pressing the above function):

Screenshot 2022-08-18 at 16.55.56.png

Now obviously I need this to be working correctly from pageload. 

Customers should not have to refresh this (especially on a 450 row file which is shown in one-size-fits-all screen) manually. 


Is there any way to make this work from the start (as it has done in the first week of being there), or is there a workaround to make it refresh these connection on pageload? 


Anyone capable of helping or knows where I should look for this? I tried using additional parameters of the excel workbook sharing. But that got me nowhere. 


Also tried googling for this issue (can't get much further beyond finding this post, and some old video of implementing manual VBA processes (where apparently you can setup an automated process to renew data connections in an excel workbook but this is for excel online so I am not sure if this would even work for my problem).


Thank you for any help anyone is capable of providing. 




same issue here. anyone find a solution?