Excel editing Conditional Formating rules cursor issue

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using Excel Office365, when I want to edit a conditional formatting rule (I had created, minutes ago) , when right clicking on the specific part of the rule to edit with the mouse, the edit cursor does not positioned where is the mouse cursor .In fact the cursor is blicking on the right side of the rule, and if I move the mouse to the very left at the beginning of the rule, the edit cursor eventually is positioned at the end of the word contracted


I feel like there is a glitch between the movement of the mouse, and the movement of the cursor.

Weird and only happen with this edition of rule, no where else.

The only way is to completely scrap the rule and rewrite it. Boring

Any idea welcome

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Hello! I can't say anything useful about your problem with the mouse, but I can probably help you.
When editing the conditional formatting, you can also work with the cursor keys. You only have to press the F2 key once. Then you get into the editing mode. This is largely unknown. Many users struggle with editing the conditional formatting even though it is not necessary.

I hope this tip will enable you to edit now.

About Mouse, I will check If I have other issue elsewhere. (after a while the button may have issue ) and thanks for the F2 tricks, which will help me.

@leyeti77 I also experience the issue of cursor placement but not just in conditional formatting.

I am finding similar issue in all excel pop up edit functionality such as Named Ranges, Charts Data  and conditional formatting. 

Click the cursor to edit the cell reference etc and the position flashes at the end of the entire reference. 


The problem seems to be very sporadic and can’t be easily replicated. 

I'm having this same issue. Very strange! Yes, the F2 advice made it so I could edit (and useful to know!), but still frustrating this bug exists!
Thanks @dscheikey

I've started encountering this issue a few months ago. It is extremely disruptive, as I work with Named Ranges a lot. I encounter it on multiple machines using the same Office 365 license. My work colleagues suffer from it as well.

I've found that I can sometimes right it by jumping between worksheets and doing... something - but I haven't quite figured out what it is yet.


EDIT: OK, I think I've figured out what's causing it: it happens when I scroll my sheet horizontally away from the leftmost position. Once I scroll to the beginning of the sheet, the cursor gets placed in the clicked position inside popup formula boxes correctly.