Excel Delimiter for a Paragraph Break

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I have a large sum of data from a word document I need to copy and paste into excel. An example of the format is below (don’t worry it’s not actually children’s rhymes): 


roses are red

violets are blue

sugar is sweet

and so are you


chicken wing

chicken wing

hot dog and bologna

cheese and macaroni 


I have pages and pages of data formatted in this way and I am currently having to copy and paste each chunk directly and individually from the word doc into a singular cell. It would be ideal if I could copy and paste the text from the whole document into a cell and use text to cell with a custom/other delimiter to separate it out into cells based on the paragraph break between each chunk of text. I have tried ctrl + j and that separates the data by each line rather than each chunk. So for example I would have “roses are red” & “violets are blue” in two separate cells rather than having each poem in its own cell. 

Any ideas? Thanks



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It would help if you made a small sample document available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar.

I've tested the copy/paste between Word and Excel with the first poem. I've used paragraph breaks and shift+enter after each line, no matter how I do it, Excel brings in the lines cleanly (1 line= cell cell). The same for any paste option I've tried in Excel (e.g. Keep source formatting, use destination formatting, plain text, etc.).

A sample document would really help. The unknown part for me is how the text got in the Word document. Was it keyed in manually or did a non-Office app produce the document? If it's the latter, there's a chance there could be more than meets the eye, formatting-wise in the document.


I guess it shall be like this