Excel Ctrl + Up Arrow and Ctrl + Down Arrow Not Working

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I've looked through the other posts in the forum, but still cannot get this working in my Excel for some reason. Ctrl + left arrow or right arrow works, taking me to end of the horizontal data set, yet the ctrl + up arrow or down arrow is not working.

Things I've already tried:


  1. I don't have scroll lock selected, either on the keyboard or on the onscreen keyboard.
  2. I've already enabled sticky keys from the control panel.
  3. I've disabled all add-ins.
  4. I've tried restarting Excel and restarting the computer.

If anyone has any thoughts on the issue here it would be much appreciated. 

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If the Ctrl + Up Arrow or Ctrl + Down Arrow shortcuts are not working in Excel, there are a few additional troubleshooting steps you can try:


Check your keyboard: Ensure that the Ctrl key on your physical keyboard is functioning properly. Try using a different keyboard or testing the Ctrl key with other applications to rule out any hardware issues.


Check Excel options: Verify that the Ctrl + Up Arrow and Ctrl + Down Arrow shortcuts are not disabled in Excel options.

Here is how to check:


Click on the "File" tab in Excel.

Select "Options" from the menu.

In the Excel Options dialog box, click on "Advanced" on the left.

Scroll down to the "Editing options" section.

Make sure the "Enable Ctrl + Arrow key shortcuts" option is checked.

Click "OK" to save the changes.

Check for conflicting keyboard shortcuts: It's possible that another keyboard shortcut is conflicting with Ctrl + Up Arrow or Ctrl + Down Arrow. You can check and modify the keyboard shortcuts in Excel options:


Follow the steps mentioned in point 2 to open Excel Options.

Click on "Customize Ribbon" on the left.

At the bottom, click on the "Keyboard shortcuts: Customize" button.

In the "Categories" list, select "All Commands".

In the "Commands" list, look for "EditGoTo" or "EditGoToSpecial".

Select the shortcut you want to use (Ctrl + Up Arrow or Ctrl + Down Arrow) in the "Press new shortcut key" field.

Click "Assign" and then "Close" to save the changes.

Repair or reinstall Office: If the issue persists, you may consider repairing or reinstalling Microsoft Office. This can help resolve any underlying software conflicts or issues.


If none of these solutions work, it is possible that there may be an issue with your Excel installation or the operating system. The texts, steps and functions were created with the help of AI for reasons of time.


Hope this will help you.



In the Excel Options dialog box, click on "Advanced" on the left.

Scroll down to the "Editing options" section.

Make sure the "Enable Ctrl + Arrow key shortcuts" option is checked.


Where is it?



I also was unable to find the "Enable Ctrl + Arrow key shortcuts" option in the Advanced menu.

Also to note, the ctrl + left arrow works and the ctrl + right arrow works, but not the control + down arrow or ctrl + up arrow.


I also do not see the "Keyboard shortcuts: Customize" button at the bottom of the 'Customize Ribbon' section:





Apologies for the confusion. If the Ctrl + Left Arrow and Ctrl + Right Arrow shortcuts are working, but the Ctrl + Down Arrow and Ctrl + Up Arrow shortcuts are not, it suggests that there might be specific issues with the Excel workbook or settings. Here are a few more suggestions to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check cell formatting: Make sure the cells in the worksheet where you are trying to use Ctrl + Down Arrow or Ctrl + Up Arrow are formatted as continuous data without any breaks or empty cells. Sometimes, if there are blank cells or merged cells within the data range, it can disrupt the functionality of these shortcuts.
  2. Disable filters: If filters are applied in the worksheet, try disabling them and then check if the Ctrl + Down Arrow or Ctrl + Up Arrow shortcuts work. Filters can sometimes interfere with the normal behavior of these shortcuts.
  3. Clear clipboard contents: Occasionally, clipboard issues can affect keyboard shortcuts. Clear the clipboard by copying a blank cell (Ctrl + C) and check if that resolves the issue.
  4. Try in a new worksheet: Create a new worksheet within the same workbook or open a new workbook altogether. Test the Ctrl + Down Arrow and Ctrl + Up Arrow shortcuts in the new worksheet. This will help determine if the problem is specific to the current worksheet or workbook.
  5. Check Excel options for conflicts: In Excel Options, go to "Advanced" and scroll down to the "Display options for this workbook" section. Make sure the "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" option is checked. Also, ensure that there are no conflicting settings or add-ins that could affect the keyboard shortcuts.

If none of these suggestions resolve the issue, it might be helpful to share the specific version of Excel you are using and any additional details about the workbook or data, Operating system, storage medium, etc.. The text and the steps were created by the AI.

My answer is voluntary and without guarantee.


Hope this will help you.


That's not necessary add-in which could affect, that could be another external app or service which works with such shortcuts and blocks them for Excel.


For example, Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down are blocked by YouTube Music and Razer Cortex, see discussion here ctrl + shift + arrow up/down not working - Microsoft Community Hub


It looks like AI is just wasting of time.

Looks like it, but it isn't. AI is a tool, you can either like it or hate it, to each his own :).


Definitely, AI is the tool. Thus I don't like and don't hate it, I tried to use it. In many cases it gives incorrect answers. You try to use it, see something is wrong, try to verify, google again to understand what is wrong - that is, from my point of view, wasting of time. 

@Sergei Baklan 

big topic :):)

Whether it is a waste of time, whether it is useful, how far it's useful, etc. can take much more time to analyze & discuss the pros and cons. That might be a topic (which I have already write) for the TC forum. In my humble opinion, you are right about the time and resource usage, but I do not think it is a waste of time...for some like me :)

Looking at my results and how much my knowledge has expanded (which isn't much for some) :) it is a very good tool. It just takes time.

As some have said very aptly here, it is still a black box with enormous potential.

For me a new rethinking of the time.

Knowledge was and still is in the first place, with AI the “implementation of knowledge” will be in the first place in the future life...just my humble opinion.


The text was created without the help of the AI, it may contain grammatical or expression errors for which I apologize in advance :).

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So the answer here was to reinstall Microsoft office. Now it works again. Pretty frustrating and time consuming, but it's critical functionality I need for financial modeling.

Thanks all!
Thx for Feedback.
I wish you continued success with Excel!
After a lot of time wasting and browsing around, it turns up it was YouTube Music that was blocking the shortcuts from working in Excel. Once disabled them in YouTube Music, they started working again.
Thank you for your help.


Thank you for the feedback, it could be useful for other people. Unfortunately never knows what could blocks the shortcuts, that's case by case.

Try checking Tools/Options/Transition/Transition Navigation Keys checkbox - change the setting and test. Might just work! @OLSD237 

Check to see if you have any cells frozen. Remove and then reset the any row or column you want frozen.



After reading all the responses to this post and countless other on other sites, here is a quick summary of my configuration, what fails for me, and what worked for me:



  • Excel 365 with all the latest updates
  • Razer Kiyo Pro - using the webcam but did not install the software!
  • No unnecessary add-ins and/or de-activating any had no impact
  • YouTube Music is not the issue in my scenario
  • Excel Tools -> Options -> [any suggested configuration options] had no impact


  • fails on one worksheet, but not the entire workbook!
  • new workbooks do not have this issue
  • Ctrl-[left][right] works
  • Ctrl-[end] works
  • Ctrl-[up][down] does NOT work
  • Ctrl-[home] does NOT work
  • Conclusion:  problem is isolated to the configuration of one worksheet

Based on this, I researched more in terms of how the sheet was designed/developed (not by me).  In my scenario, the problem stemmed from the worksheet being protected.  Once I turned that off, navigation was back to normal!

Thankfully my scenario was a lot simpler than discovering the conflicts with YT Music/Razer.  But since I wasn't the designer/developer, I knew the problem was localized within the spreadsheet.


Review -> Protect -> Protect/Unprotect [Sheet][WorkBook]

I faced the same problem. Resolved the issue by "Repairing" the office App installation. Troubleshooting steps: Settings-->Apps--> Installed apps-->Microsoft <Your version>(office) ---> ... --->Advanced options---> Click/ tap Repair. Sharing to help others. @OLSD237 

@Sergei Baklan 

Lol -  "Sorry for the Confusion" is a dead give away.

@OLSD237 just touch Scrool Lock on keyboard. If you don't have Scroll Lock in your keyboard, you can use windows on screen keyboard. It is worked for me. I hope It might be work for you too.

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best response confirmed by OLSD237 (Copper Contributor)
So the answer here was to reinstall Microsoft office. Now it works again. Pretty frustrating and time consuming, but it's critical functionality I need for financial modeling.

Thanks all!

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