Excel crashing and and losing hours/days of work

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Hi All,


I have a user who regularly uses MS Excel Home & Business 2016/2021 sheets that have months/days of data.


Sometimes when they work on these Excel files, it crashes and it loses hours/days of data even though they save it every 10 minutes.


Another thing to note that could be related: when they open Excel after the crash and check recent files, it does not show all the recent files that they have been working on. For example it would show recent files from the day before. Even though they worked on 5-10 excel sheets in the current day.


These excel files don't have complicated formulas, or macros, and they range from 10kb to 100kb.

Some excel files have 40-60 tabs with just basic data.


No matter how many computers they've changed, how many office versions from 2016 - 2021, saving on network share drives or local drive, their excel sheets still crashes and they lose loads of work.


They are currently working on a laptop with i7, 32gb RAM, 1TB SSD.


Is there anything else we can do to find out the issue?


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In my experience, Excel crashes a lot less now than in earlier versions. My routine is to not rely on autosave, nor repaired files. I turn autosave off and decide by myself when to save, and I do it by pressing F12 (save as) and append a time stamp on the file name like "Routines_220305_075.xlsx" using YYMMDD_hhm to have them the sortable by name in chronogical order.
I omit the second minute figure and thus have a new name every tenth minute.

Also happens that I append a note about the files development eg
Routines_220305_080 table of contents sheet.xlsm

The purpose is that if I want to go back to a previous version and chose another development path, I can easier chose what file to continue from.
When testing different solutions, I always do it in the original file - not a test file since it will become the origin if the test works out fine and I do not want two original named files.

Finally, I put all the passed files in a folder named like "2bdeleted in May 2022".

The main issue, having Excel not to crash?
Sorry, I do not have the solution, but F12 (and Ctrl+12 to open in fewer steps) has been very useful to both me and my customers also in other applications when the software acts like crash generators.
Thank you for your reply, it sounds like a fine system you've set up but I don't think my user will be satisfied with doing that. Hoping if there's a more concrete solution to this issue.