Excel corrupt files and won't start.

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I'm having loads of issues with Excel. Firstly, I'm getting a file corrupt message no matter whether I try to open a file from my documents or as an attachment. If I send the file to my phone the file opens no problem. I've gone into Trust Centre and changed settings but that hasn't made a difference.

Secondly, Excel will sometimes go to open then it will close immediately. It was flash up as if it is opening a file but then will disappear. It will do this a few times then it will totally not open.

I've run repairs as well as doing a uninstall and reinstall but that hasn't helped at all. Word seems to work fine, just Excel is the issue.

Any help on this would be great as I use Excel daily for my work. Thanks.
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Does it work if you open Excel in safe mode (hold down the control key while you launch Excel)?
Thanks for the reply. No, it doesn't. The notification about safe mode comes up then disappears before I can click on it.



First of all, MS Excel has an inbuilt option "OPEN and REPAIR" to repair the corrupt Excel file. To use it:

  • Open MS Excel
  • Go to File-> Open
  • Select the Excel file which you want to repair
  • Choose Open and Repair option from the drop down list
  • Now Click on the Repair

Second Solution

Sometimes, the third party plugins also stops to MS Excel files. You can remove these add-ins from MS Excel and to do so:

  • Open MS Excel 
  • Go to File
  • Select Options 
  • Select Add-Ins
  • Select COM Add-Ins
  • Click GO
  • Select the Add-ins which you want to delete 

Third Solution

Try to change the Excel file extension. Ex: xls to xlsx

Note: If these solution wont work, then you can take the help of Microsoft support team. If you are planning to use third party Excel repair software then, I will recommend this tool