Excel cell sizing issue

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Windows 10, Microsoft Office, Excel.


In past, I have been able to paste a picture to a cell and the cell would automatically adjust in size. For some reason, I cannot do that anymore; the picture just floats above the page.


I have gone to Format Picture, clicked on Move and Size With Cells, but nothing changes. Is there an execute icon or something I'm missing? Thanks.

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After pasting the image, you have the following options:

  1. Select the image.
    1. Next to the image you will see a smart icon. Click the the icon to place the image in the cell.RomanKorecky_0-1714670176904.png


    2. Alternatively, on the ribbon Picture Format, click Place in Cell (first icon from the left).
  2. If just want to align the image with the cells, you can hold the ALT key while dragging or resizing the image.

@Roman Korecky 


Very sorry, but I'm not seeing that icon and am unable to find a ribbon named Picture Format (there is  Format Picture, but it seems not to be what you recommend).  Again, I am working Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, not Office 365 - might that be making a difference? I appreciate your time on this.

@Roman KoreckyActually, I stumbled on the solution while looking at something else. Problem solved and thanks very much.