Excel cannot open the file 'Vocabulaire.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid

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  • I tried many online tools
  • I tried solutions like zipping, etc.
  • I tried solutions like changing the extensions
  • I tried converting to other formats
  • I didn't try the permission solution as I'm on macOS. However, I've uploaded the Excel file on Google Driver and it also cannot open it

Does anyone know any other solution to try?

Here is the link to the file:

Thank you in advance

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If make .txt extension and open in Notepad - nothing within file except a lot of not-printable characters. Afraid it's corrupted.

Already opened and yeah, many zeros like a binary file.


Looks like the workbook is totally corrupted.


I tried:

  • re-naming to .zip to view the xml - could not open the compressed folder error
  • uploaded to OneDrive and attempted to open with Excel for the web - would not open
  • re-named .xls - would not open
  • re-named to .csv - would not open
  • re-named to .txt - opened in notebook with a whole bunch of spaces and no content

The last item may be the most telling if notepad is not able to show any characters (even if it's letters, numbers, and symbols).


You could try another app that's capable of opening an .xlsx. Might get lucky with Open Office.

Thanks for the investigation.
I'm on macOS and not able to open the file in Notepad.
I also saw some solutions for repairing the file with Excel on Windows and I am not able to test those as well:

@Patrick2788 @SergeiBaklan 
Could you please test these solutions as well if you have access to a Windows-based device?


This file cannot be repaired in any way. Its contents have been overwritten completely by NUL bytes, so nothing whatsoever of the original contents is left.


Apparently because the existing contents have not been removed, but overwritten by bytes with value 0.