Excel cannot find these Canadian Mutual Funds using the Stock datatype

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The Stock data type in Excel is amazing, however, it's often a hit and miss when trying to use it with Canadian mutual funds or ETFs.


These were recognized just by entering their symbol name:



[CIG2359] CI Alternative Diversified Opportunities Fund A
[FID231] Fidelity Canadian Large Cap Fund Series B - FE
[MFC4768] Mackenzie Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund SC - FE
[RBF270] RBC Bond Fund Series A - NL



But with these, it didn't work!


[CIG11112] CI Canadian Dividend Fund Class A
[MFC4732] Mackenzie US Dividend Fund Series A - FE
[MMF4529] Manulife Dividend Income Fund Advisor Ser - E3 FE
[SUN104] Sun Life MFS International Value Fund A - FE
[TDB2581] TD Tactical Monthly Income Fund Adv-ISC



I tried:

  • Entering the ticker
  • Entering the fund name
  • Finding similar funds that Excel detects and changing them to match the new fund. This has been somewhat successful, but far from perfect.
  • Entering multiple names found when Googling the ticker.
  • Googling "Refinitiv" that seems to be the provider for Excel's stock data...


I would love to find a way that "always works" when I need to enter new funds.


Any help?



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