Excel Background Image From File

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Microsoft Edge is blocked for our students. That is usually not a problem, but something changed.


I have students add a picture to the background to create pixel art, but now when I click on "Background," it gets blocked even though I just want them to add an image that they have saved on their desktop. This just started happening.  It must somehow go through Edge.  I'm not sure if there is a work around.  


Any ideas?

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I've seen this error before even when Edge is not blocked. In the menu that opens, do you see an option to 'work offline'? This might be the workaround to getting an image placed in the background if you have it.

@Patrick2788 The very first time I tried it on a student computer, I got that option. Every time after that, Sophia blocked it before it got that far. The only thing that shows up is a white box. 

On my teacher computer, I see a place to search Bing or select the file from my computer. 


Clearing this option may give you the work offline option:




I've tried that, but thanks for responding.