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Excel Automate File Name with date and time

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Hey Guys,

I'm Not an Expert or Coder but want to ask help from You guys , I want whenever I Press Clr+S it will save my file with name with and time .

Is it Possible or not.


It's a request bro any body can help me over it let me know please.


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Yes, it's possible to create a script or a macro that will save your file with a specific name and include the current time. However, the process might vary depending on the software or application you're using. Below are general instructions for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets:

### Microsoft Excel:

1. **Open Excel:**
Open your Excel file.

2. **Open Visual Basic for Applications (VBA):**
- Press `Alt` + `F11` to open the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) editor.

3. **Insert a Module:**
- In the VBA editor, right-click on the project for your workbook in the left sidebar.
- Choose `Insert` > `Module` to insert a new module.

4. **Paste the VBA Code:**
- Copy and paste the following VBA code into the module:

Sub SaveWithTime()
Dim fileName As String
Dim currentTime As String

' Get the current time in the format HHMMSS
currentTime = Format(Now, "HHMMSS")

' Specify the file name with the current time
fileName = "YourFileName_" & currentTime & ".xlsx"

' Save the workbook with the specified file name
ThisWorkbook.SaveAs fileName
End Sub

- Replace `"YourFileName_"` with the desired part of your file name.

5. **Close VBA Editor:**
- Close the VBA editor.

6. **Assign a Shortcut:**
- Press `Alt` + `F8` to open the "Macro" dialog.
- Select "SaveWithTime" and click "Options."
- Assign a shortcut key (e.g., Clr+S) and click "OK."

7. **Run the Macro:**
- Press the shortcut key to run the macro and save the file with the specified name and current time.