Excel Auto Generated Data Entry Form Shortcomings and Request

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Excel has this incredible feature for auto generating a data entry form based on a selected table.

In my table, certain columns, under data validation have drop down lists created. However, when Excel generates the data entry form, the entry form does not pick up on the drop down lists for assigned cells.


As the way the data entry form is today, it cannot be used for data entry since it does not pick up or display the drop down list for a given data entry field.


Would like to suggest this feature of the data entry form to include drop down lists if a drop down list has been created for certain cells in a table. 




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This is a legacy feature, so I don't think they will update it.


Try building a power app instead, but I would also suggest upgrading the data source to a SharePoint list instead of Excel.


Former Excel MVP John Walkenbach created a free enhanced data entry form.

His website doesn't exist anymore, but the workbook can be downloaded from https://web.archive.org/web/20190201175712/http://spreadsheetpage.com/index.php/dataform/download 

Thank you for your suggestion.
Appreciate your suggestion.