Excel added a 2nd quick access toolbar and changed top portion of worksheet to gray

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I have used my excel (MS Office 2016) for 5 years, no issues.  This evening Excel presented very differently. Upon opening:

  • The top portion of the worksheet (quick access toolbar and tab areas) was gray - it is normally green.
  • The tab areas now have a light gray color and are outlined.
  • There is a second quick access toolbar, which I am unable to remove.
  • NOTE - I was able to change a small part of the top of the worksheet back to GREEN by selecting an office theme of "Colorful".
  • However this did not resolve nor address the issue a of second quick access toolbar, why was there an unsolicited change, and returning my toolbar and tabs back to the normal way of presenting.

Any ideas what is going on?


ALSO, FOR REFERENCE - I include a snapshot of my MS Word ribbon and tabs etc. Though this is MS Word - this is the same style the Excel worksheet had.


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In Excel 2016, do the following:

Open / click "File"
Click on "Options"
New window will appear
Click on the link above on "General"
Right go to heading (Bold) with "Personalize Microsoft Office Copy".
Office design: change from white to bundle with the drop down menu (click on the small file below)
Press "OK" ... should be green again :).



Hope I could help you with these information / links.



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Hi! I have the same problem as @ROYL57. Unfortunately, the solution you proposed does not work for me since I can´t see the "Office Design" drop-down menu, nor the "bundle" option on any other menu, under the header "Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office". 



Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you NikolinDE,

Unfortunately I do not have an Office Design drop down. I did change "Office Theme" to "Colorful", which put some green back at the top of the worksheet.
However, I still have two different quick access toolbars, and the "not normal" looking tabs.

Can you suggest additional fixes?

Thank you,


I guess under Office Design @NikolinoDE  meant both Office Background and Office Theme tabs. Office Design doesn't exists. However, above settings are applied to all Office app, not separately to specific app like Excel or Word.


Did you try in safe mode (Win+R -> excel /safe), do you have different colors for Excel and Word in it as well?

the same thing has happened to me. Now got x2 quick access top left have Green excel icon and save file icon followed by vertical line...then my old quick access toolbar (new, open open, save etc):




I have the same issue 17.11.2021 the UI in excel changed. Is there any chance to rollback? These "new look" is bad. Office 2019

Thanks for the feedback, didn't look it up in .docs / Q & A.

Furthermore, I wish you much success and good luck :).
FYI - I tried the fix (did not work - no change) noted at:

Control Panel > Apps and Features (found in the "Find a setting box"). > Apps and Features, find the Office 2016 and right-click it, perform an Online Repair for it.



File - options - General - Personalise your copy of Microsoft Office - Office Background - No background - Office Theme - Colorful. Got me back to green theme in Excel. The colourless title bar was making it hard for me to focus.


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This helped me with the same issue in my Excel 2016:

1. Type and launch Regedit in the windows search window.

2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\ExperimentConfigs\ExternalFeatureOverrides\excel

3. In the parameter "Microsoft.Office.UXPlatform.FluentSVRefresh" change the value "true" to "false".


Good luck!


Thank you, exactly what is needed.

Excel 2019, Windows 10 64-bit.

thanks also worked for me


p.s. "regedit" is the registry editor 



Is there any way to remove the text description of the icons on the Quick Access Toolbar? 

I don't think I need to know the save icon is "Save"!   And now all my icons (incl descriptions) don't fit on the page example below







WOW!!! That worked!!
Thank you Maxim!!

Bonus point question: Any idea how/why that setting was changed, or what was the underlying cause of this?

Bonus bonus point question: How did you know this?

High regard and many thanks,