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I have numbers in C1 till Z1 cells.

I would like to multiply these cells value with A1 value.

Example: +A1*C1, +A1*B1......+A1*Z1

I know I could write one by one. 

But is there a simple way to add all cells to this formula?

So if I change A1 cell value all the values have to change. C1-Z1 is not fixed. It have to change when A1 changing.

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Hi there,


For this purposes, using absolute references will help. All you have to do is to fix a cell (named as absolute reference) by writing its reference as $A$1. In this way, you are fixing both the column and the row of that reference.


Then, use =$A$1*C1 to perform your desired calculation and lastly fill this formulation to the right to fill until Z1. Being the cell A1 fixed, it will not change as you drag the formula. C1 will naturally change as you are dragging to the right, so it will basically change from C1 to D1 to E1...


See attached workbook for illustration.



For me you can use the fill handle. So, first of all enter the formula `=A1*C1` in cell C2 and click on the small square at the bottom-right corner of cell C2 (the fill handle) and drag it across to Z2.

This will automatically fill the cells from C2 to Z2 with the formula and will multiply each cell in row 1 by the value in A1. So, whenever you change the value in A1 all the results from C2 to Z2 will update accordingly. Hope this helps :)


As variant =C1*$A$1 in C2, select C2:Z2, Ctrl+R

Hi all,
First of all thank you for your response.
Those answers are not good, because you put the solution to C2-Z2.
The solution have to be C1-Z1. Where the numbers are.
The original numbers have to change.
So, when A1 value is 1 it shows which are the basic numbers.
This is why I have to add the formula to the original cells.