Excel 365 Stock Data not updating all stocks

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Does anyone know how to determine which stocks are now updating and which are not (without doing a laborious manual compare to another source)...is there a list by Refinitiv perhaps?  Alternatively, is there an estimated time to fix this new problem?

This is now the message showing up in Excel 365 when trying to update stock data (US-based location, Intermountain region)..no changes to any of the symbols were done, and this is a new message:  

Excel 365 Message:  We refreshed some of your data, but we couldn't refresh all of it because we changed or removed it on our side. For the data we can no longer refresh, we've kept the most recent results.


Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist here.

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@D0001 The only way I was able to identify the "problem" stocks easily to resolve this error was to go through the list and look for the little green triangle in the upper left corner of the cell, indicating that there is an error with the cell.  


I had the same issue start 2 days ago. I tried to resolve as you indicated but there are no green arrows on any of the stocks / stock data I have in my file, so it doesn't seem like that identifies the issue. Any other ideas??

@dawsss Thanks, I never noticed the little green triangle in the "bad" cells until you pointed it out.

From the Menu bar select Formulas then choose Error Checking. Then choose Error Checking again. This should advance you to the cell where there is an error. The dialog panel that opens will tell you what the error is, in this case Unable to refresh data type. You can then choose it Ignore Error or Edit in Formula Bar. Click Next or Previous to move to the next error. That is the best way to find these slightly mysterious errors.


Is anyone having issues (since yesterday) of stockhistory not reporting recent results?


I've used this for months and all of a sudden no data is available after 2/10/23.



@Andrewl3895 I am having the same issues. Any idea how to fix ? or is this a Microsoft issue 

What version of macOS and what version of Excel 365 are you running? @wswift 

Windows 10Pro with 16G ram user with MS365 Excel v2301.  Yes I'm doing an update now, will update in a bit.


Same issue. Last update was 2/10/23, can't seem to get anything newer even after updated EXCEL v2301 (build 16026.20200)



i am having this same problem today. I had an Excel for Mac update which may be the reason. Anyone else having this issue?

Try again in a day or 2. My issue recovered without doing anything. Not sure why, but relatively certain its a Microsoft issue. Likely nothing wrong with your setup. Try again.



Thank Andrew.

After struggling for better part of a day, mine started working a half hour ago.  I just kept rebooting, signing in, singing out, etc. etc.  I tried to find an older version of Excel 365 to install; however, it seems MS has removed prior versions from the download page.  I was just about to call them to ask for a download, then it started working...hmmm...

Having the same problem all week.  Works on and off inconsistently.  Should I just assume the feed is flaky and not fixable on my end?  Or anyone found a lasting fix? @D0001 

not working for me either
on a chat right now for last 15 minutes with MS
downloaded Version 16.69 and still not working
had been on 16.71



Let me know how it turns out...  I've repaired MS Office twice and used the stock data type in a new worksheet to no avail.